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< COUGAR GX 1050 für den Designpreis Deutschland 2012 nominiert.
Thursday, 4. August 2011 16:03 Age: 3 yrs
Category: Compucase

COUGAR GX 1050 nominee for the german design award 2012

The award of awards

The very best in design deserves the best in prizes, to be more precise, the 2012 German Design Award. It is bestowed annually for outstanding achievements in product and communication design by the German Design Council. Personalities from the world of design are also honored. There is also a cash prize for young designers. The 2012 German Design Award is the award of awards and the award of award-winners. A reward for outstanding work. Only works that are both pioneering and marketable, and indeed have already proved that they are fit for market, are short-listed. The competition aims to identify, present, and reward innovative and international design trends. In other words, design that differentiates. In this light, participating is something for the crème de la crème. Winning too.